Impact Stories

by Saowarop Panyacheewin, National Secretariat Specialist, WGA-Thailand What is PGS?
The VOAA is an umbrella organization – a civil society organization (CSO), of individual experts, consumers, producers and corporate entities involved in the organic agricultural movement and the entire food value chain– from organic production, processing, business, services, import and export, and
As a leading tea manufacturer in Myanmar, the National International Commercial Enterprise, Ltd produces green teas to substitue for poppy production in three states: Kachin, Shan and Chin States, helping over a thousand indigenous families in these states.
Social Enterprise with a Mission. Coffee production began in late 2012, as an income generating project to replace poppy production among the indigenous farmers in Southern Shan State. This coffee product goes through the entire supply chain: from seed to cup.
Natural Garden was started in 2008 and produces, distributes and retails high quality organic rice and chemical-free vegetables, fruits and other healthy products.
Natural Gold Palm Sugar produces high quality palm sugar in Cambodia. Ket Chet, the dynamic and youthful entrepreneur explained that he selected the Palm Tree as this is also symbol of the country.
Sinouk coffee is a rich blend of coffee named after its founder who spent his formative years in France where he developed a passion for coffee. For him, coffee is a convivial drink and it goes beyond drinking the coffee.
by Son Le Trung, National Secretariat Specialist, WGA-Viet Nam Son Na- their home and the impending threat on their livelihood
by Edgar Valenzuela, Communications and Knowledge Management Specialist and Lourdes Adriano, CASP2 Team Leader
by Chantola Nat, National Secretariat Specialist, WGA-Cambodia
by Inthadom Akkharath, National Secretariat Specialist, WGA-Lao PDR, and Lourdes Adriano, CASP2 Team Leader Lurking Poverty