Technical Requirements

For certain types of products, a permit or certificate may be required to certify that these products conform to certain technical standards. Lao PDR has established a TBT Enquiry Point as required by the WTO SPS Agreement. You can contact the TBT Enquiry Point if you have any questions regarding sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.

Notification on Goods Subject to Automatic and Non-automatic Import or Export Licensing No.0076/MOIC.DIMEX

Certain types of products are necessary to obtain an import license from DIMEX. Depending on the product, the license can be either automatic or non-automatic. The rules about licensing are governed by Notification No. 0076 and you can find the list of products requiring licensing in its Annexes as well as a list of supporting documents required

If a product is not subject to licensing or to specific sanitary/phytosanitary or technical